I am a Research Engineer at DeepMind in Mountain View, California. Previously, I interned at Google's Research and Machine Intelligence and at Facebook's Feed Machine Learning. I recently graduated from Yale University, where I first learned to code and gave back by teaching all core Computer Science classes, together with some advanced electives. I was an undergraduate assistant at The Krishnaswamy Lab at Yale School of Medicine, where I have nurtured my love for research with incredible support behind me. You can learn more about my professional career and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Besides programming and research, my other main focus is figure skating. I discovered the sport just over a year ago, but I have been practicing almost daily whenever I live close enough to an open ice rink. I document part of my adventure on Instagram.

I take photos from time to time. I used to be a Photo Editor and Senior Staff Photographer for the Yale Daily News, where I mainly covered political rallies and art and culture events. Now, I often take photos when I travel. I publish some of them on 500px.

I learned to play percussion when I was a Google intern and will continue to play with Google Orchestra as a full-timer. When I was at Yale, I played for Davenport Pops Orchestra, the coolest orchestra on Earth. My favorite percussion instrument is the glockenspiel.

I am trying to be more fluent in French. I started learning French on Duolingo 5 years ago and still love using the app every day. I used to contribute to the English for Vietnamese speakers and Vietnamese for English speakers courses, way back in the day.

My motto, inspired by Theodore Roosevelt, is "eyes on the stars, feet on the ground".